Woohoo! Another chapter down. It definitely feels rocky restarting after all the time and effort of the last month getting this website up and running, but it was worth it. Now I just need to decide all the strings that need to be tied up before we reach the next plot point. I know it’s only a first draft this time, but I feel the need to at least try to keep them in line. 

I must admit, I’ve had this horrible attitude for two days. I write about abuse victims and human trafficking to bring awareness to it. It is near and dear to my heart. I desperately want to help others. It is by far not the only type of injustice or danger in the world but is what I have chosen to focus on. Yet this week when I tried to open my mouth to speak about another type, I was told to calm down, it can’t be that bad. Maybe I’m looking at it wrong. 

I can’t explain how angry this makes me. I want to shake them and ask what is wrong with them to ignore what is clearly in front of their face. Part of me understands that good people, who have never experienced the horrors of evil men, have a hard time fathoming the evil that exists right in front of them. Other times, it reminds you of a woman beaten to death by her abuser. Everyone around them says there were warning signs, but no one truly believed it could happen until it did, so they glazed right over them. 

Words could never do justice to the victims who could have been saved if only one person had decided they were not going to glaze over this sign too.