I managed to get a chapter first drafted with both humor and tension. I’m happy with it, yet I worry it will be too quick of a change from one to the other. I do have a sweet friend who reads my first drafts as I write them. She is extra forgiving to all my first draft horrors, and she keeps cheering me on and making sure I stay focused on the good parts of each chapter. Her input has been vital in helping keep my frame of mind where it should be. 

I’m not saying everyone should send their first draft to others. In fact, you should never send your work to anyone you do not know and trust, that is, not a professional editor with references. However, for me, this has been an enormous help to have her as a sounding board and cheering team. Plus, I love to get her story in return! 

I also had my first guest post in Elizabeth Jacobson’s The Writers’ Room. It’s a collaborative column by Christian Writers. It was fun and exciting. I had secret hopes that I would be noticed, and maybe someone would sign up for my newsletter. I had no such luck. Still, I feel honored to have been asked and blessed to have been able to help her. I did even get one comment. That doesn’t sound like much, but it is my first ever comment from a stranger anywhere. 

Then I took some time off for the Fourth of July. There was a cookout, small children screaming in delight, sword fights, 110-degree heat index, firecrackers, way too much smoke, tiny flying vampires … I mean, mosquitos and two-hour firework fun with every child asking if they are big enough to help. Yes, it was worth the migraine that followed for my kids to have that memory of a fun-filled day. After all, they are only little once. Just don’t tell them I called them little!