My second newsletter went out. I had set it up the night before. I use Mailerlite, and they had said they were running slow as they finished a few scheduled updates, but it should not affect the application of using it, only make the loading times a little slower. Not a big deal. I understand everyone has to update from time to time, and we had plenty of notice. I set everything up and scheduled my newsletter for eight the next morning. 

When I finally got online the next morning about nine, there was no newsletter. What?! I quickly logged into my account and found that they were having technical issues, and my subscriber list was missing. Yes, they had a note saying that it was being processed and would be back up soon. Still, my second newsletter ran into hiccups. It’s enough to make you raise an eyebrow in question. It is definitely true that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. 

While I have not gotten back to my book yet, I did get to help a friend write a battle scene and a marriage proposal! That was fun. I love writing sword fights and romance that are outside of the standard. Planning a special marriage proposal for both characters was fun. Letting the guy do things that hold a tremendous meaning to only the love interest, makes me happy for them, even if they are only in my mind. 

Yes, I gave the voices in my mind names, faces, stories, and a love interest. Seriously, what fun is a disembodied voice? At least they take the majority of Murphy’s Law for me. I don’t want to find out the hard way what could go wrong on a ship… in a storm… with pirates bearing down on you. Nope, I’m leaving that to the professional characters in my head.