It seems so strange today, but when I first started researching blogging and writing books, I wanted nothing more than to do everything right. I learned what all the experts said was the best way to do things, how to grab people’s attention, and even the best times of the day to post. However, the further I get in this journey, the more I realize you have to take what you learn and adapt it to what works for you. 

Take the word counts of my post, for example. According to my research, the best size for SEO is said to be between 500 and 800 words per article. It is believed that 1,000 words are the best to hold readers’ attention. However, as I write, I realize I can’t make these posts based on what works for others. I need to do what works for me and my audience. Right now, that means my Alley’s Heart category runs at about 300 words and Writer’s Chatter at about 500 words. Yes, there is a discrepancy between what the SEO wants (500 to 800 words) and the advice for length for readers (1,000 words).

Why? Maybe I’m just lazy and feel like getting to the point, or perhaps my readers are smart enough to know if I’m blowing smoke. I mean, I can tell you about the time I roller-skated on the roof or the time I found out the hard way that prickly pear cactus not only has large spines but have small hair-size spines. Warning, it hurts when you get them between your fingers! However, none of that really has anything to do with my writing and is just fun fluff to share. 

Remember if you are worried about what to do or how to do it, your research (unless legal advice from your lawyer, which is not what this is!) should be used as a guideline to help you, but you must also use wisdom and common sense to adapt it to your needs and to your audience. We are not robots, and if you are, we might have entered the Twilight Zone or a Jetsons cartoon.