You know that saying, everything that can go wrong will. It sure feels like the case over the last week. I have tried hard to stay at least a day ahead of the posts here. This week, not only was I cutting it short, there were a couple of days where nothing was posted. Not that I think anyone is on this site enough to even notice yet, but I noticed. 

It’s strange how hard I can be on myself, yet if it was someone else in my place, I would never be as hard on them. I expect better from myself and then mentally berate myself when I fall short. That sounds dumb when writing out like this, but it doesn’t change how I feel. Nor does it change that I will be kicking myself the next time I do not live up to my own exceptions. 

Then comes the flip side of the coin. When I do what I had planned, I am extra excited and pleased. I can’t wait to share it and will have it hyper-organized. Sometimes to the point, I made it more complicated than it really needed to be. At least I know how to navigate my own organized chaos … with maple syrup and a spatula.