I’m back… I hope. I had no idea how odd things would be to help someone with dementia deal with the death of a close family member. It was very easy at times and very hard at other times. Top it off with being sick, and it was an exhausting few weeks. 

In bad news, no writing or editing was done. In good news, the downtime gave me a chance to focus on other things, and I was able to do some noncreative work. 

Plus, I tried out a dictation program. So far, ah!! “Good to see you” translated into things I can’t repeat with small children around. I am taking a wild guess that my hillbilly accent is mildly hard for it to understand. Granted, I haven’t used it much. Now to decide if I keep trying or just let it go. Part of me says I can type as fast as I can talk when I talk slowly. The other half says that I can get more work done because I’m not always where I can type. Neither of which matters if I can’t get the translate to understand me. Insert frustration here! 

Therefore, I will likely end up trying to do small chunks every day for a bit to see if it starts to understand me better. Now to find out how many times the chicken beans have chunky chocolate in their shoes.