I’ve been crunching in the time and effort to get this website up and running with the hope of having a newsletter sign up ready at the same time I launch. It’s exciting! It’s terrifying! My feelings are all over the map. 

If you know me you know, I am not a tech person. I have honestly met grandmothers and Amish business owners who are better with technology (especially computers) than I am. 

Strangely, WordPress was much easier than I expected, and while I’ve had several moments of frustration trying to understand how things work, it was surprisingly simple. 

That said, I chose Mailerlite to do newsletters. They have several features I wanted. However, trying to figure out basic things is not as easy as I expected, after all the talk of how simple this was supposed to be. 

It’s been a forty-five-minute frustration, beat-your-head-on-the-wall, and violently-shake-your-computer moment, followed… by five minutes of excitement that you finally figured it out, only to be devastated when you realized this is a four-step guild, and you have only done step one in those forty-five minutes. I’ve gotten really good at clicking between a YouTube tutorial and the site. 

All that said, I’ve learned a lot too. Apparently, slugs are not only slimy garden pests, tags are for more than clothes, workflow is not a new term for irrigation, and pre-made templets are way too cluttered for my taste. 

I’ve also given myself a work deadline for this. Not only a deadline, but I’m not giving myself permission to drop other balls of responsibility to get it done. I’ve never done this before. I guess we will find out together how it turns out. Here’s to hoping I don’t rip all my hair out in the process. I would not make the prettiest bald lady.