It’s been a week, and it’s time for my overdue update. My new laptop came in, and after many days of problems, I finally found the support chat again. I spent almost three hours on it and was transferred several times since there were many things not working, but it is now worked out. I hope! 

I was offline for a bit because of our lovely lightning storm. However, there were no tornados, so that is always a plus here in tornado alley. 

I worked on some editing and am still hoping to find a program that is not Scrivener, which lets you move scenes around. So far, I have had no luck. I’m starting to think maybe I should just make individual documents for each chapter/scene, but that seems like a massive amount of files. 

I also started typing up my resource page for my website. Hopefully, that will get up soon. If not, I’m sure someone will let me know what a slow-poke I am.