Last time, I forgot to tell you, I had worked on story starters during my time away. I had about 30 of them. Most I really liked, but I got a lot of feedback that said they were a bit dark. I wonder if it was because of the way it was put together. If I had saved a couple until the end, would they have read dark, or was it only because they were already thinking along those lines? I’m not sure. 

I also forgot to say I had tried dictation. So far, I dislike it. However, it is mostly because I haven’t found a good dictation product for me to test it on. I need one for the phone, not the computer. One was really good, but it turns off after every five seconds of inactivity. That’s frustrating! The others didn’t work. I am now testing one (slowly) and I find I dislike how slow I have to talk so it will understand me. I can type faster than it can translate which ruins half the point of using the product. I sound like the guy from the old Visine commercials. The one that never held any emotion whatsoever. “Fire… run… fire.” Maybe I should pitch to them.