Launch week is here for “Writing Rural with Alley”! I’m not really sure if I had an idea of what this week would look like, but the vague thoughts about it were not quite what I expected, though that is not a bad thing. 

I found out that I can’t upload my audio to my website until it goes live with the podcast host. That means I have had to stay up until midnight every day to get the audio out with the show notes. The odd part is that while I normally would be up until after that time, I actually wanted to go to bed at an earlier time a few days this week. My brain must be rebelling at the idea of having a schedule I must keep. 

I wasn’t expecting to have a bunch of downloads for the podcast, with it being new. However, I did think it would be at least as many downloads as I got for the trailer since only my writing community friends even knew about it. I did not get even half of that, which was a bit of a bummer. Although there is one person who has listened to my podcast every day within the first hour of it going live. I don’t know who they are, but they made my whole week. To whoever you are, thank you! 

All that said, I am extremely grateful for each and every person who took the time out of their busy days to listen to my podcast, who commented on it, and gave constructive criticism, and for everyone who is cheering me on. You are all amazing. Thank you!