Wow! Has it really been over a year? I have missed you all! 

Let me give you some updates and explain my long absence. The last year and a half have been a crazy ride. First, we were hit by a tornado, thankfully with minimal damage. Then the elderly family member I cared for was in and out of the hospital, followed by hospice. She passed away from Alzheimer’s less than a year ago. 

I have been a full-time caregiver for the last several years, and the transition back to normal life, whatever that is, has been longer and bumpier than I expected. Life is still trying to work itself out, but I am starting to get my ducks in a row, the little wandering monsters, I mean cute fluffy quackers. 

Let me catch you up on my book. I was mostly through editing when my document file failed. I lost my edits, my beta reader notes, everything. Yes, there were tears. I have redone many of the edits and am slowly working my way through smoothing out some new senses that I am excited about. 

I also had to switch my website to a new host, which was not fun. I still can’t fix my contact page, and my email sign-up is not working. I have no clue how to fix this. I will be working on getting this fixed, but until then, you can always leave me a comment. I am still getting those. 

Currently, I have placed that mostly on hold. I have been focusing on a new podcast. It has given me something less in the creative realm and more in the technical realm to focus on. This, for me, has been greatly helpful when I feel stressed out or uncreative for stories. I also feel productive, so I am not so discouraged that I am not doing enough. 

My hope is to get my first podcast out before the end of the year—a lofty goal since I have 72 hours left (at the time I am writing this) and haven’t recorded anything yet. Is it just me, or is talking to yourself alone in the middle of the night uncomfortably weird and a bit embarrassing? I hope everyone is right and that feeling goes away after a while. Otherwise, I might have to find a brown paper bag to wear.