I was able to get my “Alley Who?” podcast recorded, edited, and scheduled for release. It is basically about my rural experience. If you listen to it, you’ll learn I have lived without electricity, among many other things. 

It took a couple of hours for me to record and edit the little four-minute podcast. I can not believe it took so long! I know I will get better with practice, but “better” sure feels like a long way away right now. 

I also recorded the first nine episodes. I plan to release one every day for the first week and then one every Monday after. That means I have this week to edit them and get them ready. I sure hope they don’t take as long to edit as the last one did! 

Over the next few days, I have a funeral and visitation to attend. I’m not sure how much work will get done, but I will do my best to get down what I can.