I’m finally starting to dredge back from the land of the sick. I’m still very tired, but otherwise, I am doing well and praying there isn’t a second round of illness about to go through the whole family. 

I was able to read some books about podcasting, marketing, and branding. It was interesting to see how many times the books said the same thing you hear over and over in the writing communities. The most common is that you need an email list. You hear it all the time among writers, but according to the podcasting book I read, it is not that common among podcasters.  

I was able to get my newsletter out on time. I wasn’t sure I would be able to, but I got it done. 

Going through my recordings to see if they were usable, I realized they are not. I was too sick when I recorded them. Weirdly, I kept coughing while trying to rerecord them. It was strange because I’m doing better, but my throat just started acting odd when I got out the mic. Long story short, I realized I was having an allergic reaction to dust mites on the wind pop of the mic. I washed it and will try to re-record them again tonight. Here’s to hoping things go better this time.