I’m in an editing fog! What day is it again? I’ve sifted through hundreds of comments. I am barely starting to feel like I made a dent. I did find I skipped from chapter 22 to chapter 24. Apparently, I didn’t like chapter 23. 

I did decide that consistency checks were a pain with only chapter numbers, so each chapter now has a short description beside it for my own sanity. I know where the things I need to check are in the story, but reading everything to get there was time-consuming. I’m hoping this will help. 

I’ve also decided, if I have to have more than one description per chapter, I need to see if it can be split into two chapters. An example would be the MC sees a healer to check the baby when sick and also meets an important character. I need to see if this can be split into two, so each plot point has its own chapter. I don’t know if everyone else does this, but I am going to try it.