Woohoo! I got the entire read-through of my book finished. It only took me days and staying up until three in the morning last night, but hey, it’s done—all 100,000 (ish) words of it. 

Now I just have to go back and take care of all my comments and notes I made. Well over 100. Plus the whole front and back of the paper notes I took to rework the whole story, and then add a few scenes. Easy. Right? RIGHT? 

I kid. I can’t wait to make it a better story. I know this will make it stronger and more compelling. I do, however, feel very overwhelmed and intimidated at all the work. It’s a lot, and no one ever does it for me. 

Something I found to help keep from feeling stuck, is to work on one thing at a time, in order so I can check it off as I go. That way, I can see my progress and don’t feel like I am doing all this work and getting nowhere. That feeling is very discouraging. 

All that said, today is for celebrating! I’ve got to have some reason to raid the cookie jar.