I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, and if you live outside the US, I hope you had a wonderful week. Not a lot of writing was done this week. I spent most of it running behind. Not for Thanksgiving, but doctor’s appointments. In good news, there are diagnoses, and mine is even manageable. 

We celebrated Thanksgiving a day later than most since my husband had to work on Thanksgiving. I baked about 200 cookies and a pie the day before. They lasted roughly 24 hours, and I have no leftovers either. No, we didn’t go crazy. I have kids. Lots of kids! Enough said. 

I spent today setting up the Christmas tree with my kids. It was a lot of fun. We also made homemade Christmas ornaments. I had no idea it would take two hours to cheese grate ten crayons. That was a fun test of patients. I guess it was still a better idea than giving the toddler fingernail polish to paint with. 

You might be asking why I am writing this in a writing update. Well, first,  let’s be real, I need something to talk about this week. Second, it’s a great thing to think about when writing your stories. A large family won’t have a lot of leftovers because they ate everything while a small family will likely have a lot of leftovers. Also, sometimes life throws in bumps, and your character’s attitude will be important. If they throw a fit, they are either three, or as immature as a three-year-old. If they do it more gracefully than me, they are likely filled with patients and understanding. If they are me, they will be half-bald after that. 

Life is full of little things you can add to stories. Don’t forget to take time to notice the smaller details in life. You never know when that will take your senses to the next level.