Hello again. It’s been an interesting week. I managed to get some writing in between car trips. I also tried it on a car trip. That was a bad idea in the long, sad history of bad ideas. I am prone to motion sickness, and that only made it worse. Note: I was not driving. Do not text and drive! 

I was able to find some new ideas for names this week also. I really need to think about getting some kind of notebook to write them in. Maybe a three-ring binder with dividers. I don’t want to write them randomly because I will have to look through the whole thing to find anything and will likely write the same thing repeatedly. If I sectioned it off with alphabetical order, and maybe boy or girl, that might be easier. 

Then again, I could be overthinking this. Maybe I should stick with the baby name books that make me look baby crazy. I’m not… and don’t let my Pinterest page fool you. It’s character research: all 3,872 baby names and 7,359 baby pictures.