Growing up with dyslexia and a passion for stories, I had to learn how to tell stories differently than most people. I couldn’t just sit down and write out a story like everyone else, nor did I enjoy reading at the time. Don’t get me wrong, I loved a good story, but the struggle to read it on paper was disheartening and sucked out the joy of any story. 

However, I did have a family that loved to talk and spin tall tales. As kids, we loved to hear the grown-ups tell stories until they were sick of talking. They would then tell us that if we wanted to hear more, we first had to tell them a story, just so their voice would have a chance to rest. There was no way we were missing the next great adventure of Bruno, the talking dinosaur, and his duck friend, Sir Quacks-A-Lot! 

However, at four and five, we soon ran out of ideas for new stories, but … they had the solution. They would start by giving us two random things to mix into the same story. A ballerina and a monster under the bed. A dinosaur made of chocolate and an angry hamster. A yellow house and a lost puppy named Frank. The stories might have been a little crazy, but we had fun, and that was what mattered. 

Below is a list of some fun things you can mix and match. My advice is to grab a kiddo and have some fun. This isn’t an essay, but something for the pure enjoyment of telling a story and seeing the smile on the face of another person. 

  1. A monkey named Harry
  2. A tiny unicorn named Velma
  3. A giant ant that is hot pink
  4. A toad with a tiny hat
  5. A monster from the closet and its cat
  6. A huge dragon named Tiny Sparkle 
  7. A ghost that can’t stop sneezing 
  8. A large green troll with braces 
  9. The tallest hedgehog named Waffles 
  10. A pretty cat that doesn’t like shoes 

  1. An abandoned gym 
  2. A busy barbershop 
  3. A sports car that is scared to go fast
  4. A tiny hammer that makes flowers on whatever it touches
  5. A large tree that grows moss, not leaves
  6. A cake that taste like Brussels sprouts 
  7. A field of flowers that smell like crayons 
  8. An airplane afraid of heights
  9. A library with only three books
  10. A worm farm 

I would love to hear all about your experience! Did you try this? What ones did you mix and match?