Writing Parables – Life lessons that apply to writing

A few days ago, my children were playing outside at a place where it had been a long time since children played. Unknown to us, the toy tractor had a wasp nest on it. Several of the children played on it, and one jumped up and down plus stood on it pretending to give grand speeches. However, when the last one touched it, the whole nest flew out, and he was stung several times. Don’t worry; kiddo is ok. 

Sometimes that is what it feels like to get negative things hurled at us. Whether it is a negative review, condemning comments, an unkind word, rumors, or old fashion mud-slinging gossip, it can sting. We frequently find ourselves wondering why we were targeted. We are often in an environment where the attack on us makes no logical sense, just as this wasp attack didn’t make sense in its timing. 

Most people when they are hurt, stop everything until the pain goes away. It is human nature to do so. However, it’s not always the best option. When my child was stung, we immediately placed the remedy on the stings. Then we went back out to play. I’m very proud of my child for not sitting down to wallow in the pain that I know was felt. Instead, they got up and refused to let the wasp and the pain it inflicted stop them from what they enjoyed. 

Sometimes that’s what we need to do. Take a quick moment to deal with the initial hurt and then get back out there. The more time and energy you let the negativity have, the larger it will become. If you give it that kind of power, it will sneak up on you and overwhelm you. 

We cannot give in to the temptation of self-pity. The pity-party pool needs to be filled with concrete. I know, the rubber ducks are displeased, but don’t worry they can always use the birdbath. It’s full of the filth of bird droppings just as the negative comments are often filled with vile lies and vulgarity. 

I once had a friend put it to me like this. Let’s say you won $86,400. Now let’s say someone stole $10 from you. Would you throw the other $86,390 away because of the ten dollars? Of course not! Well, we each have 86,400 seconds in a day. Don’t throw away 86,390 seconds of the day into negativity because you had to deal with ten seconds of unkindness and sometimes flat out spite. 

I would love to hear your thoughts. Are you currently going through harsh criticism? What was the hardest thing you have had said about your work so far? Was it fair or unfair?